THC e liquid for sale

má premium strength
CBD/THC vape oil multi buy
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Formulated for all vape devices.
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má premium strength
CBD/THC vape oil multi buy
save up to £100

Formulated for all vape devices.
UK business - fast delivery

THC / Cannabinoid e liquid for sale 

New to the whole THC / Cannabis e liquid vaping experience? Ma Time premium organic CBD oil contains a UK legal amount of THC – lower than 0.2%, it's carefully produced in one of its purest forms and is completely legal in the United Kingdom. The “Where can I buy cannabis oil?” question can be a daunting one. As you may know, cannabis and any substance that has a THC content level higher than 0.2%, is illegal to sell in the UK. CBD however is the calming, relaxing extract from the male industrial cannabis plant and is not illegal, provided the THC restriction levels are observed. You can buy CBD oil in many forms. Many consumers look to purchase the oil in a tincture form, as a food supplement, taken orally every day. CBD e liquid as a vape option  can be conveniently used at any time, it's 100% legal and not classed as smoking, since there is zero nicotine or tobacco contained in the mix. So buy now from MA Time in the UK and be assured that that the oil in our CBD pen is 100% organic and produced in the USA, via critical CO2 extraction. “Where can I buy this oil?” We have the perfect answer for you - take a look at our má Starter Pack or the Karma 'all in one' solution, press the buy button and it will be delivered to your home within a day or two.  "I just received ma package! Great design and materials! I am a pot smoker the past 15 years. I had 6-7 puffs ok maybe 10 :) and I can feel the ease! Thank you so very much for crafting such a great vape and CBD. It's truly awesome." George, Greece

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THC e liquid for sale online?

“Where is my nearest vape shop?” We hear this all the time. People are concerned about buying cannabinoid oil online as they are worried about the reputation of the supplier and the legality of the transaction. Ma Time is a UK company and works 100% within UK law. We have some of the purest CBD vape oil in the UK available for sale. So the “Where can I buy cannabinoid e liquid” question is easy. Have a look at our Starter Pack or Karma solution and you have found the answer to your question, without even leaving home. The ultimate convenience in ordering.

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THC e liquid for sale in a shop in the UK?

Ma Time sells Cannabinoid e liquid in our má starter pack and the Karma all in one solution online, allowing you to buy from the comfort of your own home. There are many e vaping shops around the country but not always at a convenient distance and so your nearest Vape shop may be many miles away. Asking for advise on where the shop is, may lead to all sorts of confusion. Most members of the general public do not yet realise that Cannabis vape oil (with less than 0.2% THC content) is completely legal. However, some vape store owners may be offended when being asked “Where can I buy cannabinoid oil?”, since they might mistake your enquiry for a request for THC based oils. The easy solution is to start with the Ma Time starter pack and start relaxing with our premium Cannabis oil vaping experience.

THC e liquid

High strength v low strength liquids

The main difference between high and low potency THC vape juices is the psychoactive effect. UK legal e juices typically contain < .2% tetrahydrocannabinol which enables them to be sold online with no problems for the customer or the retailer. Some cannabinoid vapers prefer the extreme highs, others are looking for a relaxing way to chill with less mind altering effects.

Traditional high potency THC oil can still be purchased in the UK but it's illegal, so you won't be able to find it to buy online and generally the quality and price is extremely variable. On the street, some available products can contain in excess of 50% tetrahydrocannabinol, liquid varieties can contain over 90%.

It is worth noting that when using high potency liquids, some users can experience extremely negative side effects. The American Academy of Neurology conducted a meta analysis of clinical trials and reported approx 10% of participants were forced to discontinue use due to behavioural changes inc:
Nausea, increased weakness, behavioural or mood changes, suicidal ideation, hallucinations, dizziness, vasovagal symptoms, fatigue and feelings of intoxication.

As well as tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids, the marijuana plant is also rich in terpenes and nutrients. A female plant contains approx 115 phytocannabinoids, the main ones inc:
Cannabigerol, Cannabichromene, Cannabidiol, Cannabinol, Cannabielsoin, Cannabicyciol and Cannabiccitran. All of the classical cannabinoids are contained in a resin produced in the glandular trichomes.
Although many of the cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant are receiving attention from pharmaceutical companies and research labs, THC has always received the most attention due to it's ability to produce the psychoactive effects most commonly associated with cannabis.
Recently, research has shifted towards other cannabinoids, especially cannabidiol.

The analysis of our THC e liquids is carried out by various methods including gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography. Má vape liquids have been tested by third party labs and are guaranteed to contain <.2% tetrahydrocannabinol.

Vaping health

Smoking marijuana to get your dose of THC has it's drawbacks. The combustion of cannabis is known to produce many chemicals and toxins including some which are known to be carcinogenic. The combusted plant material also contains high levels of tar which for some smokers can cause health problems including bronchitis. At the very least, we probably all know someone with a smokers cough. When tobacco is used to beef up the volume of the joint then a potentially bad situation is made progressively worse. Chest infections, coughing, excess phlegm, shortness of breath and bronchitis are all possible as a result of inhaling combusted tobacco and cannabis plant material.

The best and safest option is obviously not to smoke at all. However, a lot of us enjoy inhaling vapour, especially when it can help us to feel pleasantly relaxed. A large percentage of smokers find that symptoms associated with traditional smoking are significantly reduced when switching to a vape device.

Bioavailability and speed of onset of action

This is the area where vaping THC e liquid rocks! Versus eating cannabis, vaping has a much higher bioavailability due to bypassing the digestive system and avoiding the “first pass effect”. It is not by any means a small difference either! Eating cannabinoids will typically produce an effect within 40 to 60 minutes with approx 80 % of the cannabinoids destroyed by the digestive processes. Compare this to vaping where the onset of action is approx 4 - 6 minutes and around 60% of the cannabinoids make it into your circulatory system.

Vaping THC is quickly becoming the preferred option for a rapidly growing number of cannabinoid users. It's become popular due to convenience, effectiveness and the ease with which you are able to simply go online and click buy it now.

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