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CBD is a remarkable extract from high Cannabidiol hemp plants and is the focus of enormous medical research worldwide into its health giving properties. The problem with most existing Cannabis products is that they are difficult to absorb, exhibit low bioavailability and have a slow onset of action. The absorption rate for CBD liquid and crystals is only approx 6% – 15% for oral (swallowed and digested by the GI system) and due to the digestive processes that occur when Cannabidiols enter the bloodstream, the oral route provides the lowest bioavailability. In addition, the “first-pass effect” refers to the metabolism of CBDs in the liver, which causes a significant portion of the Cannabis extract to be broken down into unusable components. When it comes to the onset of action, for CBD products consumed orally, expect to wait between 20 minutes - 2 hours to begin to feel the effects.

Ma Time fast acting CBD pens

Ma time CBD pens are designed overcome these problems. Our CBD vape pens allow you to inhale vaporized Cannabidiol liquid anytime, anywhere. They enable the CBD to be absorbed by the lungs, into the blood, and across the blood-brain barrier thus avoiding the first-pass effect altogether. This allows almost four times as much of the active extract to enter your bloodstream giving you a maximum bioavailability of 50% to 60%. Ma Time CBD vape pens are designed to provide you with fast effects from your CBD liquid, inhaling can produce noticeable effects within just a few minutes. Cannabis extract users are now expecting more from suppliers, first generation CBD vape pens have quickly become the the norm and are now socially more acceptable. Our CBD vape pen is the next step.

What is different about Ma Time's CBD vape technology?​

At Ma we are proud of our history of innovation in product design and we continue to focus on constantly raising the quality of both the Ma CBD vape pens and our organic Cannabidiol e liquid as key objectives. We intend to remain the premium brand in the UK in terms of performance and quality and strive to ensure our customers receive the best the marketplace can offer. For example our flavour cartridges are not plastic like the competition but high grade metal and glass and our power units are durable long life multi power setting versions. We would rather explain the price of quality than apologise for something less.
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Ma Time me time

Ma Time is me time – CBD vaping is here to stay and will be increasingly seen as a normal and intelligent way to relax throughout the day, at work, at home with the kids or out socially in the evening with friends. There is nothing but goodness in Cannabis extracts and so CBD vape pens are not seen be seen as obtrusive as smoking illegal weed. A CBD vape pen is a legal and acceptable way of having some Me Time, genuine relaxation and a sensible way of de - stressing after a long day.

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CBD vaping is like nothing else. When you receive your new vape pen you will soon discover one of the easiest ways to chill out and relax. You may need to experiment a little with the settings and how often you use your new vaping device but pretty soon you will find what suits you best and simply relax and enjoy it.

In addition to the best CBD pen you will also need a high quality organic Cannabidiol vape oil to ensure you maximise your vaping experience. Every time you buy CBD vape juice from Ma Time you can relax in the knowledge that you are purchasing a high quality organic legal Cannabis oil produced under strict quality control measures in the U.S.A. You need the right equipment and CBD vape oil and we pride ourselves on making sure that you get it.

Can you use a CBD pen in public?

So now you have your new CBD vape pen and the best Cannabidiol vape oil in the UK we’re going to discuss whether you can even use these products in public. It’s always good to be aware of what you can get away with and what might earn you a nasty looks in the street! The truth is that Cannabidiol vaping has never been more acceptable than it is today. You can vape CBD practically anywhere without anyone raising an eyebrow. As long as you’re vaping with legal Cannabis oil and not THC vape juice which is illegal in the UK, then you’re not going to run into any problems with the current laws. In addition your Ma Time CBD juice comes in several tasty exotic flavours, just like regular vape juice.

As an added bonus, you’re getting the most stylish, effective vape pen currently available in the UK. After all, who doesn’t want to look good when you’re enjoying yourself?

The technology is the same the quality is not

We do concede that the quality of the average CBD vape pen is generally good, but you need to make sure you’re getting the absolute best. The basic technology is generally the same and the concept is very similar. Your CBD oil is heated and becomes a vapour that you inhale.

However, you need to ensure that when you vape CBD juice it is being vaporized at the correct temperature. Too high and it will taste burnt, too low and you will only produce a small amount of vapour. In contrast to the competition, The Ma Time CBD pen has multiple power settings to suit your preference. We strongly recommend that you start on the lowest setting and move up if necessary. That way you will avoid burning your precious Cannabidiol vape juice and you can squeeze all the goodness out of your precious oil without using more than is necessary.

You should ensure that you only use vaping devices that are designed for CBD vaping oil specifically. There’s a big difference between CBD vape juice and conventional vape juice.

Should you buy a vaping device from your juice supplier?

Some vendors sell fantastic Cannabidiol juices. That doesn’t mean their vape pens are as equally fantastic. Some suppliers sell great CBD pens but their juices do not reach the same standard. Matching the perfect vape pen and CBD e liquid is an art that takes a while to master. Here at Ma Time we did just that. It’s why with our  Ma Time Starter Pack will give you a vape pen you can use for years without experiencing any problems and a Cannabidiol vape juice designed to work seamlessly with it. Any issues and we have a great reputation for sorting customer problems out quickly and with no fuss.

Do vendors create CBD pens with their juices in mind?

Most of the time they do. And that is exactly what you want. But sometimes vendors will sell a vape pen exclusively for the purposes of being able to say they sell vaping equipment as well. It’s a way to expand their customer base. They don’t have the best vaping experience in mind for you.

When purchasing CBD oil in the UK you need to inspect the vendor and avoid making assumptions based on the quality of the juice they sell.

How do you find the best Cannabidiol pen supplier?

To start with, you need to be able to look at what other people are saying. Anyone who has vaped for a while is aware of how close the vaping community is. They share their thoughts about a range of juices and vape pens online. Before you look at cannabis oil vapes for sale take the time to find out what others are saying about that vendor.

If someone sticks with a particular brand because of the quality and taste then you know that you’re more likely going to be getting something you’ll enjoy.

Some of our customers have been with Ma Time since 2014 and we will do our best to ensure they remain with us for many more years to come!

But don’t base your entire decision on what our customers are saying. The beauty of personal preference is that everyone’s experience is different. What someone else likes isn’t necessarily what you’re going to enjoy, but it can help you to decide to give it a try.

Here’s what METRO had to say about the MA Time CBD pen / juice starter pack.

There are also other characteristics you should look into when you buy your CBD vaporizer. As a general rule of thumb, these are some of the things you should look for, in a vendor:

  • A reputation for durability. Our equipment stands the test of time and so do we, we have been designing and supplying CBD pens since 2014.

  • Does the vendor attempt to help you? Great customer service is a mark of a vendor that cares as much about its products as it does its customers. If they don’t care enough to help you then why would they care about their products? Sometimes problems do arise, it’s a fact of life, it happens. We resolve any problems quickly and with minimum fuss.

  • Are you getting something that does what it says it will do? If someone claims to have the best CBD vape you want them to follow through on their promises. We promise to do our utmost to ensure you are satisfied at every stage of purchasing and using your new Cannabidiol vaporizer. If you have any problems we want to hear about them so we can put them right.

  • Is your new CBD pen stylish? You don’t want to vape with something that’s not pleasing on the eye. Style is the order of the day and you want to look good when vaping outside. We love the design of our CBD pens and we hope you do too !

It just so happens that we concentrate on these characteristics by treating our products as we would treat our customers. Purchase the  Ma Time Karma Pack today and you’ll get a vape pen plus customer service that gives you everything you could ever want…and more.

Discover the best CBD pen vaping experience today

But do you know what the best way to find the best CBD vape pen is?

You have to be willing to experiment. Deciding on your favourite Cannabidiol vape pen is an individual issue. It’s going to be different for everyone. It’s up to you to experiment and to try out different things. Some of us have been vaping Cannabis extracts for years and we are still experimenting.

The Ma Time CBD pen starter pack s currently on sale with a 29.5% discount (Limited Time) at only £39 including everything you need to begin Cannabis e liquid vaping and includes your first bottle of organic CBD vape oil in your choice of flavour.

Happy vaping :-)

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