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CBD Vape Juice in UK

‘Juice’ is an American term for CBD vape oil and other varieties. It’s the same thing, just a slang word for the oil. In the UK, you will find it is refers to 'CDB vape oil'.

CBD oil uk

Is it OK to buy CBD vape juice?

Yes it’s perfectly legal (assuming an extremely low level of THC of 0.2% or less), but be careful from where the product is being shipped from, since other countries have different regulations. As stated above the term “ CBD vape juice” is how it is often referred to in the US, so if you look for CBD vape juice online you are likely to find a US site and pay the extra postage, not to mention the longer wait for the delivery of the product. The CBD vape oil sourced by Ma Time is premium organic American CBD hemp oil, packaged and sold in the UK. This is entirely legal and will also arrive more quickly when you order a Ma starter pack or the Karma all in one solution for the best CBD vape juice – sorry, vape oil in the UK :)

Does CBD vape juice have THC in it?

In theory, any CDB vape juice you buy from the US should contain only a fractional amount of THC and is therefore legal. But you need to be careful here as it is becoming increasingly legal across the USA to have THC focused products in vaporising cartridges in the US which are not legal in the UK. So don't make a mistake and buy something that may land you in trouble with your local policeman! Ma Time is a UK company and is extremely careful only to sell products that are 100% legal within the UK. So have a look at the Ma starter pack here and get vaping.

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