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Why buy Ma-Time CBD vape oil?

Ma-Time CBD e liquid is designed to be used in all types of vaping devices.  It contains high potency organic CBD derived from low THC hemp plants. It can be used undiluted or mixed with your favourite e juice and is an effective way to legally enjoy using non psychoactive cannabinoids .

Is it OK to buy CBD vape juice?

Yes it’s perfectly legal (Ma-Time CBD vape juice has an extremely low level of THC of 0.2% or less) The organic hemp oil sourced by Ma Time is premium organic American CBD hemp oil, packaged and sold in the UK. This is entirely legal and delivers cannabinoids which are easily absorbed by your body compared to the low absorption alternative of CBD edibles. When you order a Ma starter pack or the Karma all in one solution your order includes 1 bottle of our premium organic vape juice.

Does CBD vape oil have THC in it?

All CDB vape juice you buy from Ma-Time contains only a fractional amount of THC and is therefore legal. But you need to be careful here as it is becoming legal across the USA to have THC  products in vaporising cartridges which are not legal in the UK. So don't make a mistake and buy something that may land you in trouble with the UK customs! Ma Time is a UK company and is extremely careful only to sell products that are 100% legal here, so relax, choose your flavours and get vaping.

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So why vape CBD?

Over 100 different cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant.  Scientists, universities and pharmaceutical companies around the world are currently studying the various components of the cannabis plant in with the aim of isolating and synthesizing the various compounds.

The two most widely studied components are THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD(Cannabidiol).  Unlike THC, Ma-Time cannabinoid infused e juice does not have the potential to cause any negative mood altering effects as CBD does not interact with the same receptors as the more widely known THC.

There have now been thousands of studies into the effects of cannabinoids and the research has been intensifying over the last few years.  Science is eager to understand the mechanisms of action of the phyto cannabinoids, partly due to the fact that they seem to have few interactions with existing drugs and do not cause physical dependency or withdrawal symptoms.

For several decades cannabis has been grown primarily for recreational users who have demanded higher and higher THC potency, we have now entered into a new era of hemp production with more and more farms growing high CBD strains to satisfy increasing demand.

Vaping CBD liquid is a great and legal way for you to become part of the current revolution in cannabis use.

CBD e juice or CBD edibles?

There are now a wide variety of ways to experience the effects of cannabis.  You can eat it, put it under your tongue(sublingual), up your nose(intranasal) and it’s also now available in suppositories.

There are two important factors to be aware of when selecting your preferred method; bioavailability and the speed of onset of action.

Eating CBD is currently the most popular method of administration and a lot of companies are offering various types of CBD edibles ranging from oils and capsules to drinks and even CBD gummy bears!

What the companies do not normally mention is the bioavailability of the CBD in their products.  

The bioavailability of cannabidiol when ingested is approx 15%.  That means for every 100mg of CBD that you eat, approx 85% will be wasted.  only 15% of the CBD will be able to enter your systemic circulation and to produce its active effects.  The main reason for this is that CBD is not very water soluble, so when eaten, a large percentage is locked up into your fatty cells.  In addition CBD needs to pass through your liver before it enters your circulatory system, and while passing through your liver, CBD is broken down by chemical enzymes and absorbed.

This is known as the “first pass effect” and can dramatically reduce the amount of CBD that enters your bloodstream.

As well as the reduction in bioavailability caused by the first pass effect, eating CBD also causes a significant delay in the onset of action. Depending on whether or not you have eaten prior to ingesting a cannabinoid, the effects can take up to 90 minutes.


The effects of vaping CBD

During vaporization, the CBD is heated by the vape pen which produces a silky smooth vapour.  The vapour enters your lungs and is absorbed directly into your bloodstream.  This method of taking CBD bypasses the problems associated with CBD edibles and therefore avoids the first pass effect.

The result of using a cannabidiol vaporizer is that approx four times as much of your CBD enters into your circulation.  You have probably already realized this means you will need much less vape oil to get the same effect as CBD edibles.

As the CBD from your vape pen does not need to travel through the gut and your liver, this means vaping is also a much quicker way to feel the effects.  You will potentially feel the effects within a few minutes, as opposed to the hours taken when eating cannabidiol.

Can I vape Cannabinoids anywhere?

You can use our vape oil anywhere and at any time while observing local restrictions. You will not experience the highs associated with vaping THC and you will not experience the strong psychoactive effects or mind altering sensations.  Most of our customers use our legal e juice when they are relaxing but it can also be used during work and play.  The Ma-Time vape pen is small and discreet and looks very similar to a conventional e cigarette.  If you already own a vape you can simply mix your Ma-Time CBD vaping oil with your favourite e juice and enjoy the experience every time you vape.

Ma-Time CBD e juice is completely in the UK and has no psychoactive effects.

There are no legal restrictions on the sale of CBD oil and you are free to enjoy non psychoactive cannabidiol safely and legally anywhere and at anytime of day.

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