Pat Butcher CBD cannabis Nuns
Go on, admit it. You once smoked a joint with some Nuns. And from that day forward you found yourself wanting to enjoy the cannabis experience again…. every day.
Cannabis tea served in UK Parliament
“ I know that Members are not supposed to do this, but I call on people to break the law, to come here and use cannabis and see what happens—to challenge the authorities to arrest them. That is the only way to get through to the Government’s mind, which is set in concrete. The law is evidence-free and prejudices rich.”
Cannabis v CBD. So whats the difference?
Times have changed in the cannabis industry. Over the years, more and more people are engaging and believing in the health benefits that cannabis offers.
CBD, Cannabis and UK Law
In a historic decision, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, or MHRA, decided this year (2017) to classify CBD as a medical ingredient. The decision is a direct response to the vast scientific evidence supporting CBD’s efficacy that surfaces every year.
CBD for alcohol withdrawal and addiction
Thousands of people are researching CBD as a safe and non addictive alternative to alcohol and also to help with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.
CBD vaping to relax
Vaping Cannabidiol or using a CBD pen combined with a five minute relaxation exercise can make a difference.
CBD pens vapour taste
Its confusing right? Internet shopping for CBD vape pens. You spent hours online searching for the best CBD vape.
CBD pen for anxiety
In fact, if you have ever experienced extreme anxiety to the point that it results in a panic attack then you will fully understand the extent to which anxiety prevents you from enjoying life.
CBD vape juice or CBD oil ?
You know how you've been searching for the best CBD oil? Website after website reading the promotional material and attempting to work out which one offers the best products? And it can be hard making a decision due to the large number of sites springing up all claiming their CBD oil is the best.
UK CBD Vape Oil Ma Time
In the UK, CBD vape oil has rapidly become the preferred choice of former Cannabis smokers and Cannabidiol users. The increasing popularity of CBD vaping in the UK is partly due to the fact that vaping vaping CBD is relaxing, affordable and entirely legal.
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